Invoice Factoring for Manufacturing

Invoice Factoring for Manufacturing is also known as manufacturing invoice factoring. It involves the process to help solve cash flow issues between businesses. Factoring for manufacturers allows companies to their invoices to manufacturing factoring companies for a cash advance. Factoring for manufacturers’ companies only involves gaining cash from existing receivables, that will be used for operating expenses.
manufacturing factoring companies
Charter Capital offers manufacturing invoice factoring as a financing plan that will help your business solve cash flow and working capital issues. This is offered for businesses in industries that offer long payment terms (the minimum being between 30 days). This is not a loan, however, it is much-needed assistance to help you cover operating expenses.
How does Charter Capital invoice manufacturing factoring work?
Our invoice factoring involves you selling your outstanding invoices to us (the factoring company)
We will then provide you with an advancement based on the value of the invoices
You will be required to ensure that customers pay back the invoice.
Why should you use Charter Capital USA invoice Manufacturing factoring?
We offer cheaper fees – it works out less costly in comparison to a bank loan
There is no minimum factoring volume needed
With our manufacturing invoice factoring, your company can continue to operate and take orders
Find out more about how invoice manufacturing factoring can help your business by contacting Charter Capital today!

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